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ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATION - Manufacturer of Aluminum and Zinc Die Castings
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DNV Certification Inc.

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Since 1967

Aluminum and Zinc Die Castings


KenWalt Die Casting Company manufacturers high quality low cost Aluminum Die Castings and Zinc Die Castings also known as Die Cast Parts, Die Cast Products, Castings, Diecastings, Aluminum Castings, Die Casting Aluminum, Die Cast Parts, Die Casting Zinc, Zinc Castings, Metal Castings, Aluminum Alloy Casting, Die-Casting, Diecasting, Mold Casting, Pressure Casting, Machine Casting, High Pressure Die Casting and Vacuum Die Casting.

Our Company

KenWalt Die Casting Company is a privately owned ISO 9001 Certified Die Casting Company incorporated Los Angeles California USA and established in 1968 by Ken Zaucha Sr and Walter Zaucha. KenWalt Die Casting Company is currently listed in the small business category of less than 50 employees with management and staff having many years of experience producing high quality Aluminum Die Castings and Zinc Die Castings. All employees are trained, experienced, dependable and dedicated to customer satisfaction and producing high quality die cast parts using both aluminum and zinc die casting alloys.

Our Founders
die casting los angeles california usa
Walter Zaucha and son Ken Zaucha Sr were born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Walter was an outstanding baseball player in the 1930's back in the days of Babe Ruth, Joe DeMaggio, Bob Feller, Dizzy Dean and others. In fact, Walter was such an outstanding baseball player that he was drafted to play Professional Baseball by the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball Team. Unfortunately for Walter and the game of baseball, ballplayers were paid little money in those days, so Walter decided instead to work to help support his mother and the rest of his family. Walter worked over 30 years at Superior Die Cast Company in Cleveland, Ohio.

In the late 1950's the Zaucha family relocated to Los Angeles, California where Walter applied his extensive die casting experience as Plant Manager of Withrow Die Casting Company in North Hollywood, California. Walter was loved by die cast foundry employees as well as the die casting company owners for successful attainment of production goals and his continuous development of responsible reliable employees. Walter had a great reputation and a wonderful sense of humor and was instrumental in making his fellow die cast operators and trimmers some of the highest paid die cast employees at the time.

Ken Zaucha Sr's passion for engineering and mathematics lead him to work in the Rocketdyne engineering development center located in Canoga Park, California while attending engineering classes at Pierce College. His experience at Rocketdyne, subsequently owned by Boeing and is now a subsidary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and known as Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne, included rocket engine building and testing at Rocketdyne's Santa Susana Field Laboratory test facility, maintenance, overhaul and review and reporting of rocket engine perfomance.

The rocket engines supporting NASA's Apollo Space Flight Missions (Apollo 11) and NASA's Saturn Space Flight Missions which ultimately landed the first man on the moon were all tested at the Santa Susana Laboratory Test Facility.

Nasa's Saturn/Apollo 8 Space Flight Missions
 boeing pratt whitney rocketdyne

                            First Man On The Moon                First Lunar Space Flight Mission
 rocketdyne    apollo space mission

In 1968, Walter and Ken decided to start their own business together and thus the legacy of KenWalt Die Casting Company was born. In 1968 Walter and Ken started their own die casting company in a rented building on Lopez Canyon Road in Sylmar, CA. Not long before the infamous 1971 San Fernando Earthquake, also known as the Sylmar Earthquake, they purchased the property at the current location at 8719 Bradley Ave Sun Valley, California.

A close customer relationship along with a dedication to producing only the highest quality casting is a proven formula for success. This along with high ethics and honesty built Walter and Ken a respected reputation with customers, suppliers and industry associates. Thin wall gating design and "vacuum assist" casting has been utilized at KenWalt for over ten (10) years.

KenWalt Die Casting Company continues to expand into the 21st Century and gain a worldwide reputation for excellence by producing high quality aluminum and zinc die castings that are key to their customer's success!

Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Alloysiso 9001

At KenWalt Die Casting Company we produce high quality Aluminum Die Castings and Zinc Die Castings using all standard specification Aluminum Alloys and Zinc Alloys including special Aluminum and Zinc Alloys upon request.

Our Facility

die casting companyUPDATE: NEW 2011 EXPANSIONS! While the manipulated economy weakens manufacturing in the USA and has caused the closing of many good die casting companies, KenWalt Die Casting Company is expanding!

American Die Casting Company CaliforniaKenWalt FOUNDRY Expansion We've just added a 5,000 square foot building to our existing 15,000 square foot building. We now have over 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space devoted entirely to die casting high quality Aluminum and Zinc Die Castings, quality inspections, trim die operations, machining and other secondary operations, tool room operations, die cast molds storage, die cast parts storage, KanBan inventory, die casting machines, die cast furnaces, foundry maintenance, aluminum alloy metals, zinc alloy metals, gas and lubrications storage, shipping and receiving and our administration offices.

industry castingKenWalt OFFICE Expansion Our administration offices have been expanded including a new conference room and kitchen area. In addition, KenWalt Die Casting Company owns 2 acres of adjacent property for future expansion and to exceed our customer's growing needs and expectations. We are conveniently located adjacent to the Golden State (5) Fwy just minutes north of the Bob Hope Airport (Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport) at 8719 Bradley Ave. in Sun Valley, California in the county of Los Angeles (Map To KenWalt Die Casting Corporation).


KenWalt Die Casting Company is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certified. ISO/TS 16949:2002 Certification plans are in-process. We are dedicated to delivering high quality defect free castings on-time and at competitive prices through continuous improvement of our management, staff, products and services in order to better satisfy the needs of our customers. We produce die cast parts in conformance to Automotive, Aerospace, Federal, Military and other applicable customer specifications.

Prior to the initiation of any production run, all die cast parts are visually inspected with emphasis on surface condition, sealing surfaces, cored holes, excessive flash, die mis-match, ejector pin marks and any other potential non-conforming conditions. Die set-up inspections, Machine set-up inspections, Pre-production part inspections, Production part inspections, Trimming inspections, Sub-Operation inspections and Final inspections are routinely performed during the manufacturing process to insure the highest possible part quality is attained. Supplemental inspections and tests are performed as required per our customer's specific requirements and each casting's characteristics and applications.

We at KENWALT DIE CASTING COMPANY invite you to visit our die casting facility at your convenience. You'll discover a very clean, efficient and economical operation managed by honest and trustworthy staff members.


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KenWalt Die Casting Company


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Die Cast Operators

If you have the skills and dedication to be part of our team then complete an application and fax, mail or email it to jobs@kenwalt.com
Download Employment Application Here

Diecasters Ask KenWalt for Help!

Here's just one example of what another diecaster had to say about us:

" Thank you so much for the sample parts
..We hope the anodizing outcome will help our customer."

(One month later) "Just to let you know that the parts anodized beautifully.
They (our customer) were happy with the results and we were awarded the contract.
I hope we are in a position to be as helpful as you folks were in getting this job. It's nice to know there are a few of us who work together left out there."


"For us to continue a commitment of 98% on-time delivery for our customers, we must first receive this expectation from our vendors. Your performance has been 100%! All items shipped on-time with 0 defects. Amazing."


"Please thank all of your people for their efforts. The completed product delivered to us is beautiful. We foresee many more orders!"


"We are very grateful for the informative discussion and tour of your die casting facility. We were genuinely impressed with your helpful attitude, knowledge of business and ability to explain the casting process. Now we feel confident that our companies are in good hands!"


"Enclosed is a VCR tape we made of your casting in our x-ray machine. Porosity shows in these as white specs. As you can see from the tape, we couldn't find any in your product, so we have a winner here."


KenWalt Die Casting Supplies High Quality Low Cost Castings to China!

Made by KenWalt in USA and shipped to China!

Another example of how KenWalt Die Casting Company's knowledge, professionalism and experience produces savings and success for our customers in the USA and Overseas!

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Hidden Costs of Offshore Sourcing Die Castings

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KenWalt Die Casting Company

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8719 Bradley Ave Sun Valley, California 91352
Toll Free: 1-800-KENWALT (1-800-536-9258)
Ph: 1-818-768-5800  Fax 1-818-768-0854
E-mail: info@kenwalt.com

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