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Die Casting Company
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ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATION Manufacturer of Aluminum and Zinc Die Castings

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ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company


Since 1967

KenWalt Die Casting is known for producing superior quality Aluminum and Zinc Die Castings and providing cost-effective engineering solutions to combine parts and eliminate costly secondary operations...

From designs to finished products.

aluminum castings

KenWalt Die Casting is one of the USA's leading manufacturers of precision aluminum and zinc die castings. Over 45 years of industry knowledge and over 100 years of combined die casting experience speaks of our firm committment and dedication to excellence and our expertise as a California aluminum and zinc die casting company.


We serve Automotive, Aerospace, Communications, Computers, Industrial, Sporting Goods, Toys and other major market segments requiring Aluminum die cast parts from 1/2 ounce to 20 pounds and Zinc die cast parts from 1 ounce to 5 pounds. We provide these companies with a wide variety of cast aluminum alloy die castings, cast zinc alloy die castings, metal castings and complete services from die design to finished products to meet our customer's requirements.


KenWalt offers complete turnkey services including precision aluminum and zinc alloy die castings, part design assistance, die designs, gating designs, precision machining, complete finishing and assembly. We are corporate members of the North American Die Casting Association, ISO 9001:2008 Certified and ITAR Registered.



Here’s why customers choose KenWalt:


  • Combine Parts/Save Costs - We always focus on our customer's needs and whenever possible we will figure out a way to combine parts and save costs for our customers.
  • Reduced Weight in Aluminum - Aluminum alloy die cast parts are lightweight yet very strong and aluminum's lightweight reduces part weights and costs making aluminum die casting the process of choice.
  • Die Castings Provide Quality and Value to End Users - End users see the quality and value of die cast parts. And high quality aluminum and zinc die cast parts produced by a proven American die casting foundry such as KenWalt Die Casting further solidifies end user's trust in the high quality and value of our customer's products and services.
  • Re-designs to Eliminate Costly Secondary Operations - We use our experience and expertise at the preliminary die design phase of your project to take advantage of any part re-design opportunities to eliminate secondary operations.
  • Strength - Stronger than Plastics or Powder Metal - Aluminum die cast parts provide high strength properties that outperform plastic or powder metal parts.
  • Stong, Ductile, Corrosion-Resistant Alloys - With a wide variety of aluminum and zinc die cast alloys available, we have the results you want.
  • Casting Flexibility - We deliver cost-effective solutions in quantities from 100 to one million pieces a year. There is no aluminum die casting job either too large or too small for the production staff at Rangers. We specialize in cast aluminum parts and die cast aluminum components, giving Rangers Die Casting a competitive edge over other die casting companies.
  • Quality - We were the first and still one of the few companies in the western states that use real-time x-ray technology for on going quality assurance of cast aluminum parts. Our die casting company’s quality control ensures your aluminum die castings meet casting specifications.
  • Quick Turnaround - Our in-house aluminum die casting design, production and finishing ensures that orders are ready when you need them. We do our own precision machining of aluminum alloy castings, complete metal finishing and cast aluminum parts assembly to save you time. Plus, we’re close to our major customers, eliminating shipping lags from offshore suppliers.
  • Experience - We have delivered effective customer solutions for more than 45 years. Our aluminum and zinc die casting company experience is backed by a stable management team that knows the industry. We know what it takes to produce high quality aluminum and zinc alloy castings to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.
  • Teamwork - We work with our customers to understand their needs and develop effective solutions. Listening to your needs and understanding critical production requirements ensures long-term success and meaningful working relationships. We can help you convert existing parts from other material to cost-effective aluminum die castings using appropriate aluminum alloys.


KenWalt Die Casting Seeks North American Sales Representation

We're very interested in experienced manufacturer's representatives that are well educated in manufacturing and specifically the metalcasting industry to represent Rangers Die Casting regionally throughout North America. Territories available include: Chicago/Midwest, South Central states, Pacific Northwest and Canada.



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KenWalt Die Casting Company is the best Die Casting Company in the USA! We cast high quality low cost die castings using aluminum and zinc alloys. Die castings are also commonly known by the following terms: Aluminum Die Casting, Die Casting Aluminum, Zinc Die Casting, Die Casting Zinc, Castings, Diecastings, Aluminum Castings, Zinc Castings, Die Cast Parts, Metal Castings, Aluminum Alloy Casting, Die-Casting, Pressure Casting, High Pressure Die Casting and Vacuum Die Casting.

High Quality Aluminum and Zinc Die Cast Parts
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zinc die cast part  diecast part  die-cast part
foundry casting     


Should Be Your Die Casting Supplier

1. Smart Part Engineering
- Better Die Cast Parts Designs...Innovative Die Cast Tooling Designs...Engineered for Cost Effective Manufacturing to Maximize Performance and Casting Quality while Minimizing the need for Secondary Operations! Take advantage of our Engineering Design Review Process to Optimize your New and Existing Parts...at NO COST to You!

2. Lower Tooling Costs - KenWalt Die Casting's 'Insert Only' Tooling Strategy reduces Die Casting Molds Costs, Permits Quicker Die Set-ups, Increased Efficiency, Lower Part Costs...and an Overall COST SAVINGS opportunity for you!

3. Lower Part Costs
- We utilize Advanced Die Casting Production Technologies such as Automatic Die Cast Machines, Automatic Ladlers, Robotic Die Sprayers and Vacuum Die Casting to Maximize Casting Integrity and Reduce Part Costs...New State-of-the-Art Technologies to insure you Stay Ahead of Your Competition!

Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting
Products and Services:

aluminum die casting Aluminum Die Casting
zinc die casting
Zinc Die Casting
die casting aluminum
Die Cast AluminumDie Cast Aluminum
die casting zinc Die Casting Zinc
iso 9001 ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certified Diecasters
NADCA North American Die Casting Association
NADCA Corporate MembersNADCA Corporate Members
die cast mold mouldsDie Casting Designs to Finished ProductsDie Casting Designs to Finished Products
die cast toys Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Federal, Military Specifications

die cast molds moulds Rapid Prototype Tooling, Die Cast Molds, Moulds, Tooling & Dies
prototype aluminum casting Prototype Aluminum Castings and Prototype Zinc Castings
vacuum diecasting Vacuum Diecasting - Solid Pressure Tight Castings
Automatic Ladling & Spraying Systems Automatic Die Cast Ladling Systems & Die Cast Spraying Systems
die cast castings Special Cast Inserts
die casting company Tumble Deburring, Vibrahone Deburring
die casting companies Machining, Drilling, Tapping, Helicoils, Broaching
casting finishes Chrome Plate, Powdercoat, E-coat, Paint, Chem Film, Anodize, etc.
castings Assembly & Individual Parts Packaging
die casting tolerances First Article Inspection Reports, PPAP, FMEA & Control Plans
diecast company Penetrant, Xray, Air & Water Pressure Test Inspections
aluminum zinc alloys Material Certifications & Certificates of Conformance
diecast parts Large & Small Parts - High & Low Quantities
aluminum die castings Flexible Scheduling and Lead Times
die casting company JIT (Just-In-Time) Delivery & Stock Availability
diecasting company On-Time Deliveries, Competitive Prices, Prompt Personal Service
die casting usa Made in USA die casting companies usa

We Accept
ALL Electronic Drawing Formats

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KenWalt Die Casting Company


die cast molds Die Cast Design/Estimator

die-casting Die Cast Operators

die-cast Die Cast Trimmers

die-cast cars Die Cast Sales Reps

If you have the skills and dedication to be part of our team then complete an application and fax, mail or email it to jobs@kenwalt.com
Download Employment Application Here

Diecasters Ask KenWalt for Help!

Here's just one example of what another diecaster had to say about us:

" Thank you so much for the sample parts
..We hope the anodizing outcome will help our customer."

(One month later) "Just to let you know that the parts anodized beautifully.
They (our customer) were happy with the results and we were awarded the contract.
I hope we are in a position to be as helpful as you folks were in getting this job. It's nice to know there are a few of us who work together left out there."


"For us to continue a commitment of 98% on-time delivery for our customers, we must first receive this expectation from our vendors. Your performance has been 100%! All items shipped on-time with 0 defects. Amazing."


"Please thank all of your people for their efforts. The completed product delivered to us is beautiful. We foresee many more orders!"


"We are very grateful for the informative discussion and tour of your die casting facility. We were genuinely impressed with your helpful attitude, knowledge of business and ability to explain the casting process. Now we feel confident that our companies are in good hands!"


"Enclosed is a VCR tape we made of your casting in our x-ray machine. Porosity shows in these as white specs. As you can see from the tape, we couldn't find any in your product, so we have a winner here."


KenWalt Die Casting Supplies High Quality Low Cost Castings to China!

Made by KenWalt in USA and shipped to China!

Another example of how KenWalt Die Casting Company's knowledge, professionalism and experience produces savings and success for our customers in the USA and Overseas!

Click below for more about:

Hidden Costs of Offshore Sourcing Die Castings

KenWalt Die Casting Company

Aluminum Die Casting Parts Company | Zinc Die Casting Parts Company
Aluminum Die Castings | Zinc Die Castings

8719 Bradley Ave � Sun Valley, California 913528719 Bradley Ave � Sun Valley, California 91352
Toll Free: 1-800-KENWALT (1-800-536-9258)
Ph: 1-818-768-5800  Fax 1-818-768-0854
E-mail: info@kenwalt.com

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